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"I thought about accompanying text and started writing some but then it felt like a bit of an uncloaking, and I reckon the mix has enough atmosphere to stand on its own. I could go on about how the selection came together and how it was recorded, but that feels superfluous. This mix came together naturally - I had a bunch of (mostly) new music with quite a heavy or specific mood(s) to it, and that's always the best inspiration for me."


∙ XY0815 - Cygonic System
∙ Patricia - Tallemaja
       Broken Call
∙ VC-118A - International Airlines
       Lunar Disko
∙ Elrtun Selona - Untitled
       sewer sender
∙ Biogen - Forever Is Never Again
∙ Mosca - Peyote Stitch
       Livity Sound
∙ Bill Converse - Thank You
       Dark Entries
∙ DJ Python - Q.E.P.D.
∙ SC-164 - Tracked
∙ D. Tiffany - How RU Plush
       Pacific Rhythm
∙ Mix Mup - IE
       The Trilogy Tapes
∙ Saturn V - Come Into My Life
       Spectral Sound
∙ Charles Green - RDT#1
       Four Triangles
∙ Batu - Off Court
       Hessle Audio
∙ Wilhelm - Mercurial
       Oscilla Sound
∙ Defence - Flow
       Night Vision