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"A reimagination of an old mix that never surfaced.

Space, intrigue and tenderness were the central themes driving this mix. These are certainly the key feelings I drew upon when I first started to compile the tapes which evolved into my early radio shows.

The biggest challenge I faced was fighting the turbulent energy that underlies the club sets I've been playing so much of recently. Both means of selection are inherently DEBONAIR, and striving to maintain some form of unity between these two opposing aspects of my personality is what I find most difficult while progressing as an artist and human being."


∙ Blue Gene Tyranny - Timing
∙ Tangerine Dream - Love On A Real Train
∙ Chrome - Distance
∙ UMFANG - How To Lie
∙ Holly Herndon - Dilato
∙ Fleetwood Mac - Dragonfly
∙ Sudden Infant - Hold Me (Prawn Version)
∙ Basic House & Metrist - Speed V1
∙ Stereolab - Fiery Yellow
∙ Add N To (X) - On The Wires
  Of Out Nerves
∙ Tuff Sherm & PMM - Lances Rompues
∙ Croation Amor - The Goddess of
  Ecstasy Stoned to Death
∙ Gangster Boo & Crunchy Black - I Thought
  You Knew
∙ Tatamax - No-One Ate The Turkey
  That Year
∙ Noviciat de Soeurs Missionnaires - Yesu Ka
∙ Mogwai - Hunted By A Freak (Live Version)
∙ Toshi Ichianagi - Music For Living Space
∙ Fingerprintz - On The Fly
∙ Borghesia - ZMR
∙ Dean Blunt & Inga Copeland - 8
∙ Beatrice Dillon - Halfway
∙ Subject - I See You
∙ Joe Pass - A Time For Us
∙ Cocteau Twins - Fifty-Fifty Clown
∙ Co Kla Coma - A Fountain Filled With Blood